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Jay Avery

President/CEO, Interventionist, and Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)

Jay’s journey into recovery work stems from his own experiences with childhood trauma and substance use. The loss of his mother, his greatest support, propelled him to advocate for timely interventions and help others facing similar struggles. With decades of experience in management, personal training, peer support, and interventions, Jay brings a multifaceted skillset to his practice.

His trauma-informed approach creates secure environments for growth. Jay’s holistic methodology emphasizes both formal and informal healing strategies. Known for his engaging personality, Jay connects clients with a network of specialists to ensure comprehensive support. His dedication is rooted in love for his family, fueling his mission to empower others to find healthy coping mechanisms and build strong family bonds.

Marla Avery

Director of Operations

Marla’s early struggles with substance use and other childhood challenges fueled her passion for helping those similarly affected. This passion drove her educational path, equipping her with a research-backed degree. Marla excels at gathering information, forming connections, respecting individuality, and swiftly implementing insights – a skillset that allows her to translate knowledge into impactful solutions. Always learning, she ensures her approach is rooted in the most up-to-date, empirically supported methods.

Her unwavering love for her husband and children motivates her to break generational trauma within their blended family. Marla’s belief in resilience, tireless work ethic, and commitment to cultivating a growth mindset inspire her children. She demonstrates that obstacles can be overcome, and the future can be reshaped through determination.

Jesse Lee Rich

Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), Head Coach

Jesse is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and joined Stonebridge early on. He previously worked at USARA, where he conveyed his deep commitment to advocating for and supporting those in need.

His diverse engagement in health and wellness programs is a testament to his passion for community and social support. He promotes an inclusive environment where individuals feel supported on their journey to recovery. His dedication creates positive connections and encourages a balanced lifestyle that includes wellness, community, and loved ones in recovery. Jesse contributes to Fit2Recovery and participates in other health and wellness programs in Utah.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose and a desire for positive change, Jesse’s unwavering commitment inspires hope, empowers healing and personal growth, equipped with the tools necessary to guide individuals in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

Daniel Beaver

Certified Peer Support Specialist

Dan is a Certified Peer Support Specialist. On his path, he has gained invaluable insights into the challenges and rewards of maintaining a sober life. He feels fortunate by the guidance and support from Stonebridge and Jay Avery, whose expertise and unwavering belief in his potential were instrumental in his personal growth and the success he enjoys today.

Throughout Dan’s journey, he has discovered a passion for the power of community. Setting shared goals and working collectively towards their achievement has been instrumental in his process. This communal approach has inspired him to become a better individual personally and interpersonally. His natural ability to connect with others has allowed him to build meaningful relationships.

As he embarked on his path of service, he uncovered a fundamental truth: helping others not only benefits them but also enriches his own life. By focusing on what truly matters and staying true to his principles, Dan has consistently witnessed the transformative power of small victories. The momentum of these accomplishments has become an addictive force, propelling him to share his knowledge, strategies, and support with others. He firmly believes in the extraordinary potential within each of us and is dedicated to helping people unlock their abilities and lead fulfilling lives.

Billie Oliver-Scott

Case Manager, Lead Female Coach

Billie is a dedicated Case Manager at Stonebridge Recovery, boasting over a decade of invaluable experience in addiction and mental health domains. Her professional journey spans various roles, including compliance, utilization review, and directing a local homeless shelter, before she found her calling at Stonebridge.

As a woman in recovery herself, Billie intimately understands the challenges and triumphs of rebuilding a healthy, sober life. Her journey fuels her passion for advocacy, particularly in mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention. With her wealth of knowledge and unwavering commitment, Billie is a beacon of hope and support for those navigating their path to recovery.

Nick Topinka

Admissions Specialist

Nick brings a profound personal understanding of the journey to sobriety. Having navigated this path, he intimately comprehends the challenges and victories of pursuing a sober and enriching life. His journey commenced with enrollment in the Stonebridge program through Jay Avery’s support, where he found healing and unearthed his true passion. Guided by his recovery coaches, he experienced firsthand the transformative influence of compassionate mentorship and steadfast support.

Now, as a member of the Stonebridge team, he is honored to pay forward the invaluable lessons and support he received. It is his calling and privilege to walk alongside clients as they navigate their paths to recovery. With empathy, understanding, and dedication, he empowers individuals to surmount obstacles, foster resilience, and embrace the possibilities of a brighter future.

At Stonebridge, Nick is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where clients feel heard, valued, and empowered to pursue their goals. Together, they embark on a journey of healing, growth, and transformation, one step at a time. Nick is deeply passionate about helping others discover their inherent strength and resilience, and he is honored to be a part of each client’s journey toward a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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