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Stonebridge Recovery was born out of both personal experience and a deep-seated desire to help others. Both founders, Jay and Marla Avery, overcame their own struggles with addiction, fueled by a shared understanding of the impacts of childhood trauma. Their journeys inspired a commitment to provide comprehensive support for those seeking lasting recovery.

We utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods to support our clients, providing a holistic and personalized path to recovery while addressing the complexities of addiction, underlying issues, and fostering overall well-being.

Jay Avery

President/CEO, Interventionist, and Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)

Jay embarked on his journey at a young age, using substances as a coping mechanism in response to adverse childhood experiences. The tragic loss of his mother at the age of 23, his main source of support, propelled Jay to advocate for timely interventions, drawing from his own experiences.

He brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. Jay has a decade of successful managerial and personal training experience, followed by another decade as a peer support specialist/coach and five years specializing in interventions. Passionate about serving others, he has guided thousands of clients toward transformative life changes.

Jay’s approach emphasizes the importance of secure attachments and safe environments for personal growth, rooted in trauma-informed practices. He advocates for a holistic methodology combining formal and informal strategies to promote overall well-being. Known for his engaging, humorous, and relatable demeanor, Jay fosters significant connections within and outside his field, bridging clients with esteemed professionals across wellness disciplines, including neuropsychologists, trauma-informed clinicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and fitness specialists.

His unwavering dedication stems from his profound love for his wife and four children, the driving force behind his work. His family is his anchor, fueling his mission to empower individuals to embrace healthy coping mechanisms, enabling them to contribute to nurturing family dynamics.

Marla Avery

Director of Operations

Marla’s journey began with overcoming personal challenges related to substance use from a young age. This and other childhood experiences ignited her passion for understanding and aiding those directly affected, shaping her educational pursuits accordingly.

Her innate drive for learning, her top-ranked Clifton Strength, and her knack for gathering information (Input) to establish meaningful connections (Connectedness) while honoring individuality (Individuation) and then swiftly putting insights into action (Activator)  resonates deeply with her. Marla thrives on absorbing and translating knowledge into tangible solutions. With a degree grounded in research, she is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest findings, ensuring that her approach remains rooted in empirically proven methods.

Her purpose is anchored in her profound love for her husband and their children, united in breaking generational traumas alongside their blended family. Driven by a relentless belief in resilience, hard work, and fostering a growth mindset, she strives to demonstrate to her children that challenges can be overcome, and with determination, one can reshape the course of their future.

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