Safe Passage

Safe Passage

Making sure your loved one gets to and from treatment can be challenging. Often family members are not the best choice for transport. Our team members can manage safe passage with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. We can also arrange for a companion to and from court or other stressful engagements where the client can benefit from extra emotional and sober support. 

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We’ve helped hundreds of people find their way to a better life free of drugs and alcohol to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling sober lifestyle.

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Our team members are available to provide the support your loved one needs, sometimes 24 hours per day, and often 10-40 hours per week.

About Stone Bridge Recovery

Our mission is to help people bridge the transition from structured treatment to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling sober lifestyle. 

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Our unparalleled experience and honest, open approach give us the ability to earn trust quickly and be effective from day one. We work together with a network of professionals to design programs specific to your needs.